'Build Your Own' SweetPals Pick N Mix 500g or 1kg

£6.99 - £12.99
  • 'Build Your Own' SweetPals Pick N Mix 500g or 1kg

You can only select a MAXIMUM 10 options from the list below.

Please add your maximum 10 choices into the notes section when ordering and we will make your order customised to your preference.

If you have any questions. please just give us a DM on Instagram.

Options available:

SweetPals 'Build Your Own' (select you own from the list below, please add your choices into the notes section)

Dracula Teeth (VG, V, Halal)

Tongue Painters (VG, V, Halal)

Twin Cherries (VG, V, Halal)

Giant Strawberries (VG, V, Halal)

Cola Bottles (VG, V, Halal)

Meerkats (VG, V, Halal)

Space Mix (VG, V, Halal)

Bubblegum Mermaids (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Peach Rings (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Twin Cherries (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Teddy Bears (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Strawberries (VG, V, Halal)

Sour Apples (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Cola Bottles (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Tongue Painter Dummies (VG, V, Halal)

Sour Dummies (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Dracula Teeth (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Tongues (VG, V, Halal)

Apple Belts (Halal)

Tutti Frutti Belts (Halal)

Blue Raspberry Bonbons (V, Halal)

Strawberry Bonbons (V, Halal)

Toffe Bonbons (V, Halal)

Lemon Bonbons (V, Halal)

Funky Fruits (VG, V, Halal)

Fizzy Blue Raspberry Belts (Halal)

Fizzy Cola Belts (Halal)

Fizzy Strawberry Belts (Halal)

Fizzy Apple Belts (Halal)

Fizzy Tutti Frutti Belts (Halal)

Friendship Rings (Halal)

Foam Shrimps (Halal)

Foam Bananas (Halal)

Dolly Mixture (Halal)

Chicken Feet (Halal)

Rhubarb and Custard Sticks (Halal)

Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies (VG, V, Halal)

Liquorice Allsorts (Halal)

Jelly Babies (Halal)

Smiles- (V, Halal)

Blue raspberry pencils (Halal)

Apple pencils (Halal)

Tutti frutti pencils (Halal)

Strawberry pencils (Halal)

48. BUBs Cola skulls (VG, V, Halal, GF)

49. BUBs Sour octopus (VG, V, Halal, GF)

50. BUBs Sour Foam Romb Tutti frutti (VG, V, Halal, GF)

51. BUBs Banana & Caramel Foam Sweets (VG, V, Halal, GF)

52. BUBs Big Sour Skull (VG, V, Halal, GF)

53. BUBs Mini Sour Foam Skulls (VG, V, Halal, GF) ***OUT OF STOCK

54. BUBs Egg Skull (VG, V, Halal, GF) ***OUT OF STOCK

55. BUBs Peach Ghost (VG, V, Halal, GF) ***OUT OF STOCK

56. Yellow Bellies (Halal) ***out of stock

57. Candy Necklace (Halal) ***OUT OF STOCK

58. Milk Chocolate Jazzles (Halal)

59. White Chocolate Jazzles (Halal)

60. Pear Drop (Halal) ***OUT OF STOCK

61. Cola Cubes (Halal)

62. Fruit Salad (V, Halal)

63. Black Jack (V, Halal)

64. Fried eggs (Halal)

Please be advised all the ingredients for the individual sweets in the pick n mix are listed on our instagram page @sweetpals2021.